3 Top of the Range Pens

Writing may be a dying art given the emergence of technology but that is not to say that the art of writing is completely dead. There are few things more satisfying in life than writing with a top grade pen which is comfortable and flows perfectly with your style of writing and I for one am still supporting writing the old fashioned way.

A beautiful pen is not just about how you write, it is also about wowing those around you and if you want to do just that then you should invest in a top quality pen. To help you decide which is going to be the pen for you, we have put together a quick list of 3 top of the range pens which you should look into buying if you too are still supporting the old fashioned pen and paper style of writing.

Best Fountain Pen 

For this of you who love nothing more than an inky and smooth fountain pen, the one that we would recommend is the Faber-Castell Ambition. This stunning pen is brought to you by one of the most respected pen manufacturers in the world and it features some unique detail and some exceptional craftsmanship. The pen will set you back around $110 but for this you will get a pen which writes effortlessly thanks to its steel tip and features a barrel made from exotic woods.

Best Pocket Pen

For those who will be writing notes on the go, signing thing with haste and who want to have a pen on them at all times, the best option is the Fisher Space Pen. This pen was designed for NASAs space mission and it can write upside down, underwater and even in zero gravity. Whilst you may not use any of these features, you will no doubt enjoy the smooth and simple writing style which the pen has, as well as its compact nature which means it can fit into any pocket. The pen is pressurized which means that the ballpoint allows ink to flow naturally and consistently. This pen can be picked up for just over $20 and it is incredibly durable.

Best Refillable Ballpoint

The finest refillable ballpoint which you should be buying if you are on the lookout is the Baron Fig Squire, a beautiful pen and one which needs to be in your pen collection. Baron Fig have produced great pens for may years and this model in particular is re-released every quarter with a new and exciting design. Aside from the aesthetics, the pen writes with an incredibly smooth action and you won’t need to replace the ink very often at all. My previous favorite in this class had been the Retro 51 Tornado but the writing style and weight ratio of the Squire is what really sets it apart for me.

What kind of pens do you like to write with and which is your favorite? Let us know you thoughts in the comments section below.

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