Singapore Air first class – check it out

Last year I traveled from San Francisco to Hong Kong on Singapore airlines and I had the great fortune to be boosting up to first class. This is not the first time that this has happened to me and I think that a combination of my frequent flier status and my debonair charm is what seems to seal the deal for me, well, my frequent flier status at least.

This was the first time that I had ever traveled with Singapore airlines period, let alone on their first class cabin and I must say, I was absolutely blown away but the excellence of the service. If you re looking to travel first class then here is exactly why I would recommend Singapore Airlines.


There were just 8 seats on the plane’s first class cabin so as you can imagine, both check-in and boarding were an absolute dream. I hate waiting in queues and such so this really helped to get my journey off to the best possible start. The brooding area was around a 10 minute walk away from the first class lounge and of course, when the time came to get on the flight, there was zero waiting around.

The Lounge

The lounge was exactly what you would expect and nothing more, a pleasant selection of drinks and snacks as well as great service. The lounge did nothing special but in reality, it doesn’t really need to.

Cabin and The Space

The seats in the first class cabin had a 1-2-1 formation and offered a great deal of space for passengers, I read in the in-flight guide that we actually had a whopping 35 inches of space to play with.  I really like the design of the cabin, it was dark chocolate and orange and it really gave it a welcoming atmosphere.

The seat had a high definition TV in front and a deep footwell below which was incredibly comfortable. The seats change into beds when you need to sleep and honestly, it was so incredibly comfortable that I could’ve stayed there for days.

Additional Touches

On the way into first class we were given a small Ferragamo-branded bag with lots of little goodies in it such as aftershave and lip balm, highly useful on long flights!

Food and Drinks

I was really impressed with the food and drink choices on the flight and I sipped on Krug Champagne and ate a range of wonderfully cooked French cuisine. There was a wide range of fine fine dining choices on the menu and by the looks of the other guests meals, everyone had delicious options in front of them.

The only thing that I would say the first class section lacked was the presence of a shower to freshen up but I understand that their other models have this. All told this was a wonderful experience that I would be more than happy to pay for the next time I travel.

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