Which Brand of Watch is the best investment

A watch is about far more than simple timepiece and these accessories are key to being fashionable and stylish. The cost of watches can spiral incredibly and as such, many have become popular for investors who are looking to adorn themselves with the finest watches, and ensure that the watch holds its value throughout its lifetime. If you are looking to invest in a high quality and beautifully crafted timepiece which is sure to hold its value, here are some option for you to think of.


Rolex has become notorious for creating stunning watches of extremely high value. Thankfully, because of the strength of the brand and the outstanding craftsmanship that has gone into creating these watches, a Rolex will always hold its value and ensure that should you ever need to move it on, you can do so with ease and without losing any of your investment. Aside from the financial aspects of a Rolex, they will also look classy and impressive when you wear it.


Breathing have created watches over the years that have stood the test of time and their aerospace-style designs have made these watches pretty iconic. The watches have been designed through the years with the Navy and the Air Force in mind and these have lead to inspirational timepieces which not only tell the time, but also stand the test of it. If you were to invest in a Breitling then you are going to have a stunning accessory to wear and a watch which will most definitely hold its value.

Omega Seamaster

Omega make a wide range of watches for all budgets and whilst the brand itself may not be known as one which is worth investing in, its Seamaster model most certainly is. The Seamaster professional is not going to make you a millionaire in a short space of time but over the years this is most definitely going to be a smart investment given that the model is no longer in production. There was a limited number of these watches made and as you know, when the demand outweighs the supply, the price rises beyond belief.

Tag Heuer Silverstone

For just around $6,000 you can get your hands on this highly limited watch which is sure to inflate greatly in its valuation in just a  few short years. The watch is an Heuer-badged Monaco edition which in the past have shown themselves to be highly collectable and highly valuable and this latest model is still on the market for you to get your hands on bit you and better be quick as there aren’t too many of them left. The watch itself is chunky and offers a wide face with the classic ‘Tag’ design features. With that being said, this is not a watch which too many will wear as it can appear to be quite standard, something which will not be important once the collectors is to get their hands on it.

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