Christmas Gift Ideas to Add Some Luxury Into Someone’s Life


What better gift to give someone this Christmas than the gift of luxury and here at Doorstepluxury, we have got some great ideas for you. Whatever the person that you are buying for enjoys, there is always room to add a luxurious touch with your Christmas gift and here are some of our top picks for presents which you could buy for your friend or loved one this coming Christmas.

French Press

If the recipient of your gift is a fan of coffee then a coffee press is the ultimate gift to buy them. The French press is a coffee maker which really takes coffee to the next level in terms of the flavor and the overall approach to making a cup of Joe. The press requires you to add some coarsely ground coffee, some piping hot water and then you simply plunge the press and serve up a tasty cup of coffee. These presses look great when on display and there are few more luxurious ways to serve up coffee than if you are using one of these.

Vintage Record Player

Many people though that vinyl was dead when DJs and music listeners of the world decided to ditch physical music for the digital variety but LPs have since seen something of a renaissance and they are now very popular. With this in mind, way not buy your recipient a standalone record player with a vintage look. In light of the recent surge in popularity of vinyl, there are many of these classic record players about and they can add style and luxury to any home.

Spa Day 

Days out don’t get more luxurious than being pampered to within an inch of your life at a spa day. There are many top hotels and private spas that offer these kind of days and you can give your loved one a memorable day with this gift. The spa days will feature a wide range of treatments from massages, seaweed wraps, facials, manicures and pedicures so there is lots to choose from in terms of giving your loved one the best gift possible.


The ultimate luxury gift is a bottle of fine Champagne and this in particular makes a great gift as many people would not spend such money on their own, on a bottle of Champagne. If you are able to purchase a tasty and relatively expensive bottle of bubbly for your loved one however, you will be able to ensure that they have a luxurious Christmas day as they sip away at a fine bottle Champers.


Candles are no longer simply something to light the way and scented candles have taken on a whole new meaning in recent years. Many of these candles smell absolutely amazing and they can adda a real touch of luxury to any room. Similar to the Champagne, many won’t want to spend a chunk of money on something like a candle and this is where you can step in and give a wonderful Christmas gift which your loved one will enjoy.

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