Some Advice For You If You Are Traveling With Contact Lenses

If you use contacts lenses then you will be only too familiar with the challenges that you face when you go traveling. As someone who has been traveling for ling periods of time over the last few years, I have really learned the hard way about making sure that I have planned how I am going to manage my contact lenses when I go away.

And so if you are someone who uses contact lenses, here are the best ways to ensure that they don’t cause you any issues when you go traveling.

Having Enough

There is nothing worse than running out of contact lenses, especially if you are miles away from somewhere that sells them. With this in mind it is crucial that you plan how long you will be going away for, and then calculate how many pairs of lenses you will need. I like to buy my lenses at Vision Direct as I can buy in bulk at prices which are far, far lower than the high street, even on marked brands.

Travel Sized

When it comes to taking your contact lens cleaning solution away with you, don’t bother taking the full sized bottle as it can be cumbersome and take up a lot of space in your bag. A trick which I like to do is to buy small plastic bottles, and fill 3 or 4 of them up before I go.

Daily Disposables

Daily disposables are the bets option if you are traveling for some time, they require no cleaning or rewetting solutions and they can easily be packed away. If you take lenses away with you then you need to find ways in which you can keep them clean, something which is not always easy when you are on the road. Remove these risks by using daily disposables.

When to Take Them Out

I can’t stress how important it is that you take your contacts out when you are flying as the air con will wreak havoc on your eyes. There is no amount of rewetting solution which you can apply to your eyes to avoid them drying out in the plane so don’t even risk it, go without or wear glasses if you are traveling in air conditioned transport for long periods of time.


Just bear in mind that whilst you are legally allowed to take as much contact lens cleaning solution as you like, it does fall under the TSA definition of medical liquids and it must be declared.


Regardless of whether you think you have packed up enough contact lenses for the duration of your journey, there are always situations that could arise which can leave you with no lenses. With this in mind then it is always worth taking a copy of your prescription so that if you require emergency lenses, you can get your hands on them.

Be careful with your lenses when traveling, if you care for them and store them well, you can avoid any of the problems that come from traveling with lenses.

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