Best Places to ski in Australia

When people think of Australia the things that spring to mind are beaches, wildlife, surfing and sunshine – one thing is for certain that skiing is not top of any list, well this applies to foreigners. If you chat to locals they know that their ski resorts can compete with some of the best in the world. When the snow starts falling there aren’t many better places to ski than Australia.

So where are the best places to ski in this beautiful country? Well you need to look at the states in the southeast for world class skiing.

– New South Wale – Here you have the warmest climate. The only downside is that the resorts are at a higher altitude than others which means that the season is shorter.

– Victoria – This is the state with the largest number of ski resorts, that’s because it has a climate that people love and a large number of people living there.

– Tasmania – The coldest ski location of all the states, it has the least number of people which means that there are a smaller number of resorts. However, some people really enjoy the fact that there are less people in the resort filling up the slopes – personally I love it, especially Mount Buller.

Here are 3 of the best resorts to choose from if you’re heading to Australia on A Ski holiday this year:

Mount Buller, Victoria

Mount Buller is one of the most popular resorts in the state of Victoria, it is only a three hour drive from Melbourne. I enjoy skiing on the 300 hectares here with my family because it has runs for beginners all the way up to black runs for when we need a bit of excitement. The kids have great fun without their skis too because there are a couple of toboggan parks here which I think they like more than the skiing itself.

Falls Creek, Victoria

The largest resort in Victoria is Falls Creek, it is blessed with the most snowfall in the whole state and is spread over a whopping 450 hectares. Here you will see a lot of cross country skiers because it’s some of the best in the country. If you enjoy the apres ski then you’ll love hanging out in the picturesque pedestrian village each night. I would suggest that you visit here if you’re a more advanced skier because about 70% of the runs are for more experienced skiers, but there are also a number of runs for beginners also.

Thredbo, New South Wales

Thredbo is the best place in Australia for a family ski holiday because they have a variety of events and loads of runs which are easy for beginners to enjoy. The people that run the resort made a very good decision when they created a purpose built area with gentle runs which are ideal for first time skiers to improve their skills and grow in confidence. You might be an advanced skier thinking that this isn’t the place for you, but once you’ve helped out the beginners in your group you can get involved in the night skiing which happens every Thursday and Saturday evening.

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