I fell in love with Myanmar

I remember when I first heard about Myanmar back in the nineties because it was having some serious political problems, we didn’t get much information at the time because the country was so closed off to the outside world but the news wasn’t positive. Basically it wasn’t a place I’d put on my bucket list at that time. Then Around 2012 the country started to open up to tourists because the situation had improved – all of a sudden social media was full of stunning photos from a country that was relatively untouched by travellers.

There’s something quite romantic about traveling around a country where millions of other tourists are yet to visit, the place will still be quite raw, the locals friendly and you’ll never see the country in that state again…ever! So that’s why I started planning my trip and I am so happy I did because I fell in love with Myanmar.

There are plenty of reasons to love Myanmar but I’ve managed to get down 3 key points which I hope will make you book your ticket asap, I promise that you won’t be disappointed!

It’s Easy To Get There

Myanmar is right next to Thailand so it is super easy to get to. All you have to do is hop on a flight from Bangkok and you’ll be there with in an hour, if you book at the right time you can get a return for about $150 which I think is a bargain. The visa process is also super simple, you do it all online and if you pay $5 extra they’ll deliver it to you within 24 hours.

The People

You haven’t experienced warmth and friendliness until you travel around Myanmar, I was blown away by the local people here especially after they have been through so much in recent years. I remember seeing how some tourists were actually wary of the local people because they couldn’t believe they were so helpful and wanted nothing in return – I promise that people just want to help. They want to to welcome people in to their country which has been closed for so long and show them just how special it is.

The Cost

Once you get outside of the capital city, Yangon, the hotel prices drop dramatically and do all other costs. I would compare the cost of travel (buses, trains) to that of how Thailand used to be, so you can still go from one side of the country to another on a train for less than a tenner – if you’re on a budget that’s pretty useful. The cost of food at a local tea shop will blow you away, you can expect a coffee for 20p, 3 vegetable samosas for 15p and free green tea!

Do remember that because the country is relatively new to tourism and so are the people that things might not be working as well as in Thailand yet, so be patient because I promise that local people are trying their best to accommodate you. I highly recommend you guys book a trip to Myanmar this year, get in there before mass tourism takes over!

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