My favourite food from around the world

If you follow my blog then you know that I’ve been lucky enough to visit loads of countries around the world, all with their own style of food and flavours. Food is one of my favourite things when I’m on the road, it’s so interesting to see the different cooking methods used, the ingredients added and also distinctly different tastes.

Food is a major part of every culture so I make it a major part of my visit to any new region or country. Sometimes when I’ve landed in a place with amazing food I often pile on the pounds, because I know as soon I get back on that plane home I’ll already be missing the taste of it! Try to keep healthy on the road but don’t let any strict diet get in the way of you trying as much of the local food as possible, you never know, it could be your last time there and the only time you get to taste the authentic cuisine.

I was going to give you a list of 3 best dishes from my travels but that was proving really difficult. So what I wanted to do was tell you the 3 best countries for food and some dishes you really have to try if you visit. Let me tell you guys that for these 3 to make the list means they’re super special indeed because there are so many places I’ve found the food to be out of this world.


I thought I’d hit with you a surprise right away! Now we’re not famed for our food and in fact we’re kind of ridiculed for it sometimes but I don’t understand why. Those people obviously haven’t tried an authentic fish and chip shop or a proper roast dinner, some of the best food the world has ever seen. Then if that doesn’t wet your appetite you can always try a cornish pasty or proper pie with all the trimmings. I almost forgot scones, cream and jam – if you don’t like those then I think there’s something wrong! In England we’ve got some great food.


Ok, so India might have the English beaten when it comes to food. Proof of just how much we love Indian food is by the number of Indian restaurants there are all over the UK. When I visited in India I would have to say that some of my favourite moments were spent eating food, I didn’t have a bad meal and neither did anyone else in my group. You knew that anytime you sat down to eat that it was going to be special. I’d recommend any food you see but my go to was always a butter panner masala, with garlic naan bread and rice. I put on so much weight eating that most nights but I would do it again right now if I had the chance.


My adopted home for a period in my life and one of the best places in the world for food, even Ramsay came here and waxed lyrical about the street food. Whether you’re sat on a plastic stool eating on the street or in a high end restaurant you will never be disappointed. I would highly recommend green curry, som tam and pat krapow – just be careful about the spice!

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