Why I travel as much as I possibly can

Travel plays a key part in my life and has done since I was a young kid. I was lucky enough to go on holidays each year with my parents which at the time I didn’t appreciate but now I see just how amazing they were. Going to different cultures, trying activities such as skiing and learning all along the way helped me grow as a person.

Now that I’m older, possibly a bit wiser, and I have to take responsibility for my own travels I realise the cost, planning and responsibility involved. I can’t even imagine the cost of travel when you’ve got 4 kids, I always get anxious when I see young parents sitting down for a meal with their tribe in a place like the south of France – imagine how much that must cost! Anyways, enough about me worrying about money again, let’s get back to the reasons why I travel as much as I can.

Actually, one of the reasons I do travel as much as I can, especially at the moment, is because I don’t have a family yet and I know my life will change when that happens. So I need to take full advantage of being able to book a plane ticket without having to think about anyone else, I’m looking forward to that changing but for now it’s pretty cool. For example, I could book a week off from next Monday, hop on my phone now and book a last minute deal to the Alps and go skiing for a week if I wanted. When I have kids that’s not going to be possible, I will definitely be taking them it will just be much different.

Being a single girl means that the cost is low when I travel, it can be higher if I want to splash out but I can go as low budget as I need. I don’t have to worry about a partner or family so that means I only need to consider my own comfort and to be honest I have pretty low standards when I’m on the road – that makes my solo travel really cheap. I also don’t mind sitting on a bus for hours even if there is a pricey flight option available, I’d rather have the cash in my pocket. If you need some travel inspiration that check out¬†http://www.theprogressivethinkers.com

The final point that keeps me travelling as much as I can is my age, I am well aware that father time will catch up with all of us at some point, so until that day I’m going to keep going for as long as I can. I see it with my parents, the days of them being able to do long haul flights are coming to an end – it must be a bit sad knowing you can’t be as adventurous as you once were. So instead of having any regrets about places I didn’t visit when I was younger I try to fly away as often as I can, of course there are limitations but we should really make an effort whilst we can!

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