5 ways to help you unwind

Whether you are looking to lower your stress levels, find more energy throughout the day or unlock the key to relaxation, it is important that you know exactly how to unwind. In terms of stress, we all face it and we can never avoid it but we can ensure that we put ourselves in the very best position to be able to cope with it. When we are stressed, lacking energy or focus, we make bad decisions, we are less organized and we are most definitely less effective in our daily lives. In order to improve performance and feel better about yourself, here are 5 ways that can really help you to unwind.


A massage is a great way to switch off for the world and get your body and your muscles to relax so that you will be fresher and healthier the next day. Whether through stress or hard work, our muscles can often tighten up and this leads to us feeling more anxious and less mobile. A massage works to relax those muscles and in turn, your mind. A massage each week is a great way to switch off and unwind.


Music has been directly linked to helping the mind cope with life and some classical music in particular has been shown to be very healthy for your neuron receptors in the brain. When listening to music in order to unwind, don’t do anything else whilst you are listening such as playing on your phone, talking or any other activity. In order to get the best from music, you should be focussing on the rhythm and the melody of it, nothing more.


Getting in touch with nature is really good for the should and it can certainly help you to unwind. Try to take a walk at least once a week, away from any urban sounds and sights and breath in some of the fresh air. Walking in nature really helps you to concentrate and centers your focus so that you will be more effective when you get back to your job or to your home.


Many people underestimate sleep when it comes to relaxing and the key to an energetic and stress-free life, is good quality sleep on a  consistent basis. You should be aiming to have around 7-9 hours of sleep each night and make sure that you are sleeping well. Try to get into a nightly routine and go to bed and wake up at the same times every single day. A sleep routine like this will ensure that you are relaxed and fresh.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises each day can really help you to  unwind as you focus on giving the body all of the oxygen that it needs to function well. Try to take 15 minutes out per day to take some deep breaths and channel your thoughts. After just a week of doing this each day you will see a real difference in both your energy and your stress levels.

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