The benefits I have found from becoming a vegetarian

About a year ago a good mate of mine became a vegan, he went all in and wouldn’t stop telling all of us about how good it was and why we should all follow suit. His social media was full of pictures of awesome looking vegan dishes and also infographics about why going vegan was good for the world.

I’ve heard loads about going meat free but it was only when a good mate started telling me about it that I started to listen. When you get first hand info from someone you trust you pay a lot more attention. So i gave it a go and lasted about a week, to be honest it was just a bit too tough for me. That’s when I decided to become vegetarian as I thought it would be much easier for me to stick to and thankfully I was correct – I’ve been vegetarian for 6 months now.

I don’t want to try and convert everyone reading this into giving up meat but what I really want to do is share my experience and the benefits I’ve discovered from my new diet.

My Mood

I’m not alone when it comes to noticing that my mood improved after switching to a vegetarian diet, I spoke to lots of people on the same diet and they told me of the big difference they felt. It is also backed up by research, in a recent study non meat eaters scored much lower on depression tests when compared to meat eaters. The reasoning behind this is that vegetarian meals are very fresh and full of organic ingredients, professionals believe that this contributes to clearing our minds and helping with more positive thinking.

Fighting Disease

If you prepare your vegetarian meals correctly then they will usually have a low level of fat and cholesterol. Reducing our intake of saturated fats will help reduce the chance of heart disease and studies indicate that vegetarians are less susceptible to diseases brought on by the usual western diet. The diseases include; type 2 diabetes, gall stones, coronary heart disease and much more. What is the reason for this I hear you ask? Well it’s down to the amount of fibre, antioxidants and other goodness us vegetarians consume in our daily diet.

Leaner Body

Anyone who switches to a vegetarian diet will feel much lighter and leaner after just a few days. After a fortnight my friends were already telling me that I looked leaner and healthier. If you go to a vegetarian restaurant one of the first things you will notice is that people look like they’re carrying a lot less pounds than people you’d see at an Italian restaurant for example. Vegetarians tend to eat a lot less calories and the food is almost always healthier. You have to do a lot of research when you first switch your diet finding out what food is best for you, so that means vegetarians are better informed about which food is best for their body.

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