Which supplements should you take?

Supplements are a great way of ensuring that our body has all of the nutrients and vitamins that it needs to be in a really healthy state. Whilst we can get the vitamins and nutrients that we need from the foods which we eat, taking supplements is a great way of boosting what we get from food, and ensuring that we haven’t missed out on anything.

Many people benefit from taking supplements, vegans for example can take them to replace what they lose from eating animal products, body builders and people exercising can also take supplements to boost the food which they are eating and be in better shape. Generally speaking however, there are some supplements which everyone should be looking to take and here are some which I would recommend, regardless of who you are or what you do.

Word of Warning

If you do plan on taking supplements then please be careful with what you buy and do your research before taking anything. This can be a mirky industry and there are all manner of pills and powders out there which promise the world, and actually do very little for you.


Multivitamins are a great daily supplement which you can use to boot your immune system and combat any nutritional deficiencies. Any one from kids to pregnant women can benefit from these tablets and they will ensure that you body has all of the right vitamins that it needs.

Fish Oil

Fish Oil has a great many properties which are vital for overall health and taking a supplement of these can boost brain power and organ function. This supplement has also been shown to help with inflammation and can play a key role in beating depression.

Vitamin D

Most of us get our vitamin D from the sunlight, but not everyone gets enough of it to get their daily dosage of vitamin D. For this reason a daily supplely of vitamin D can really help you out and it is great for skin conditions and for inflammatory diseases.

Amino Acids

Branched chain amino acids or BCAAs are a mixture of three key amino acids which are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These amino acids play a key role in building muscle as they work hard on protein synthesis and glucose production in cells.


Caffeine supplements have been shown to greatly help people who are looking to lose wight and they can also help people to focus and of course, give them an energy boost. Be careful with these supplements as you can build up a high tolerance in a short amount of time.


Much has been talked about this supplement and despite what you may have heard, it is nothing like steroids. Creatine can actually really help with muscle growth, speedier recovery and weight loss and if you plan on hitting the gym then this is the supplement which you should be looking to take each day.

Remember, if you are in any doubt, do your research before putting anything into your body.

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