Quietly laying adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea is the pleasant country of Spain. Spain has so many wonderful things happening within its borders. Visitors from both in country and afar come there to bask on sandy beaches, enjoy world class food and wine and sneak away for a week in a dreamy private villas in Spain.

This Iberian nation of Spain has long been a top favourite vacation destination. As the largest country in Southern Europe there is so much variety here. You can take in history to your hearts content, relax on the beach or slowly pass the days wandering from one café to the other. Spain is great in that if offers so many outstanding options to a large variety of likes and interests of visitors.


In case you need that extra nudge, here are six reasons why you are sure to fall in love with Spain:


The Sun

Sun worshippers flock to Spain. With an average of at least 300 sunny days a year, chances are pretty good you can catch some rays while you are there. Throughout the given year, temperatures are generally pleasantly warm. For those looking to surf big waves or if you simply enjoy watching the waves while having a cocktail on the beach, head to the northern beaches near Asturias and Galicia. The Canary Islands are another exceptional spot to check out. After any flights or long travel to get to Spain, make sure you bump up your water intake to help get over any jet lag and keep your energy high.


The Food and Wine

Some say it’s worth a trip to Spain simply to have one delicious meal there. Spain has some of the world’s best wine and food. Spaniard’s love their wine. In the summer they drink it to stay cool and in the winters they drink it to stay warm. It is within the culture to have a glass of wine with lunch, with dinner and before bed. So if you have never been a big wine drinker and are curious if you would like it or not, you can’t go wrong trying a bunch of wines in Spain. At affordable prices this is the place to drink up.


Aside from their cheeses and breads, Spain’s mark is well known in the culinary world. In 2013 the El Cellar de Can Roca won the prestigious award for best restaurant in the world. If you can’t get a table there, there are countless other wonderful eating establishments to try. Sometimes the best ones are found simply by exploring and getting lost wandering down some tiny lanes.


Amazing Accommodation

In this architectural dream and artists world there is no shortage of unique and classy places to choose from for your vacation. Plenty a blissful traveler has veered away from the traditional hotel bookings in Spain and instead opts to splash out for a private villa. You can find yourself sipping on that red wine right along the coast somewhere or tucked up into the hills next to ancient grooves of trees. Either way there is something so memorable about having a nice place to unwind for your holiday. Particularly if you are traveling as a family or have a group of people that can all go on holiday at the same time, this can be a surprisingly affordable option.


The Art

Some of the world’s best known and loved artists come from Spain. You can take the grand tour of Salvador Dali’s house and see how he used to live. Travel to Malaga which is the birthday place of Pablo Picasso. Here you can tour a museum with over some 300 pieces of his work. Also not to miss is the Guggenheim Bilbao. This vibrant and dynamic museum encourages viewers to enjoy the art that is both inside the building and the intent behind constructing the building itself. The Frank Gehry Gallery is one of the best in the world and is also a must see art attraction.


Impressive Architecture and History

Perhaps one of the few things visitors to Spain have to worry about is getting neck cramps from looking up and gazing at all the impressive architecture that is dotted all around the country. Cathedrals to impress and awe can be seen in many places. One in particular is the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela which is a place of international pilgrimage. Spain also has a fair number of Mosques and some date back 1000 years. The Mezquita in Cordoba is unique in all of Europe and has been a world heritage site since 1984. Many visitors are surprised to see Egyptian Temples in the center of Madrid. However, no the Egyptian’s did not live there. In 1968 they did gift Spain the Temple of Debod so you can check that out while you are in town.


Paradise on the Coast

One of the most blissful things of all in regards to Spain is the beaches. The pictures don’t lie when they show those beautiful teal waters and white sandy beaches. You can be amongst the crowds or go off and find your own cozy cove. Spain has miles upon miles of beaches and many of them have blue flag status. This means not only is the water quality carefully monitored but many of the beaches are accessible to those with disabilities.


There are so many places a person can choose to spend their precious vacation. By choosing Spain you can’t go wrong.

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